The Payback

It all started on a Monday afternoon after Black Friday when Leonard Marten had finished checking and signing a stack of vouchers. As he looked up to put them in his Out documents tray, the sight of a particular man striding into the crowded banking hall caused him to tremble. Leonard rose from his chair, […]

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A Deadly Weekend

The thrum of the helicopter’s engine reverberated against the bluish green sea below as it ripped across the late afternoon sky. Allison McCain, strapped in the backseat, gazed through the thick glass window at the approaching tropical island, somewhere off the coast of Central America, a terrain of deep brown earth and bright green flora, […]

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A Dangerous Shelter

Lou Calvino figured his anguish ought to dissipate if he gulped down another glass. However, he already had too many this evening and so far it hadn’t help. Nothing could ease the pain or bring her back. Perhaps, one more. “I’ll have another whiskey, Connor, my good man,” he told the barkeep. “Sorry, Lou, no […]

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When the Student is Ready

At dawn on a winter day in a bus station, a fourteen-year-old boy sat sweating in the waiting area. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw them, and in the bedroom, a lot of blood. It had spurted and sprayed on the wall above the bed. Seated facing him, across an aisle, a tall, bony […]

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